Tribal Art Tattoos and Meanings

One of the first tattoo designs was the tribal design. This type of design has been around for thousands of years and is still going strong among tattoo enthusiasts. This design usually is placed on the shoulder area, lower back and arms. Why? Simple because these areas of the body have curvature which best enhances this particular style of tribal art.


Tribal art designs are considered to be a part of tattoo history. They started thousands of years ago when our past people would gather around in tribes. These tattoo designs are used to show religious and social status. History explains to us that having a tattoo in the ancient past was a rite of passage into adulthood, status or even magical purposes. This was used as a means of identity. It also was used as a charm to give the carriers’ good fortune and as well to charm the opposite sex.

In modern times, tribal tattoo art are done non traditionally and have a diversity of reasons and meanings. Often they are designed to display characterized black with arching black lines and depict similar images in pattern. Usually the lines or curves will run parallel and intersect with one another. Lines often start out thick and then thin down and come to a point. Many of the popular designs of butterflies, plants, flowers, and the sun usually are often accented with tribal design styles.

Never get a tattoo because someone told your to or you feel pressured to. It’s best to do research and understand that getting inked is a lifetime commitment.

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